4 Port Smart USB Travel Wall Charger Sale Before The Holidays

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Elite Tech Gear™ and Kevin M. Clark, Founder and CEO, are excited to announce that the fast selling 4 Port Smart USB Portable Travel Wall Charger is going on a deep sell today right before this holiday season kicks off. The 4 Port Smart USB Wall Charger works for an early gift for those who constantly use technology and who travel a lot.

The Elite Tech Gear™ 4 Port Smart USB Portable Travel Wall Charger has the ability to charge four devices from one outlet. It gives less worry while traveling knowing all devices can be kept fully charged. The USB Wall Charger allows many devices to be charged such as; iPhones, iPads, smart phones, cameras, tablets, GPS’s and any device that can be charged by USB. Hurry and grab this pre-holiday deep sale on Amazon.com using coupon code LVCDREKF. This is a deep coupon code gives 30% Off this USB Travel Wall Charger. Use coupon code at the checkout.

In a recent interview with the press Kevin M. Clark said, “Our 4 Port Smart USB Portable Travel Wall Charger features four USB outputs that allows you to charge four electronic devices at the same time. This USB Wall Charger is smart to carry everywhere you go as it can easily fit in your pocket or any bag you have.”

He continued to say, “A lot of people today are using electronic devices in everything that they do. Most of us have to take up more than one outlet to charge our devices making so some don’t get a charge everyday. This advanced travel wall charger is specifically designed to allow all of your highly important devices to be fully charged.”

Some of the notable features of this highly advanced 4 port USB wall charger includes; a nice blue light that lights up when plugged in to the wall to ensure you that you are getting power from your outlet, a foldable plug, four USB outlets, and clean microfiber drawstring carrying bag.

Satisfaction with the results is guaranteed by the company.

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