Brand New Charger By Elite Tech Gear™ That Has The Ability To Go Anywhere

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The increased popularity and demand for iPhones, iPads, Androids, Windows Phones, Blackberry¹s, and tablets has drawn a new need ­the need for ultra high capacity portable chargers. Choosing the best portable charger is definitely not an easy task, as there are many options to choose from. For those who spend the majority of their time using multiple gadgets, the Elite Tech Gear™ SlimJet™ Portable Power Bank is a great choice.

More advanced electronic devices consume more power. As a result, they tend to drain battery quickly. The SlimJet™  is expertly designed to allow the full use of electronic devices all day long without worrying about battery life. This charger will go anywhere. The company behind this portable battery had convenient use in mind which is why they designed the devise to fit into pockets perfectly (both in terms size and budget).

The ultra high-rechargeable power capacity of 9800 mAh and the two USB output ports on this portable battery makes the charging process to be extremely convenient and fast.

As the name suggests, this portable battery from Elite Tech Gear™ is slim and portable, conveniently fits in any pocket or bag. Apart from being compact and stylish, it¹s perfectly suited for to feed power hungry electronic devices. Easily charge any smartphone or tablet at anytime, regardless of location.

Built from the highest quality of materials, the SlimJet™ portable charger standouts from an overcrowded market. It¹s designed with high-grade premium lithium-ion polymer battery cells and built with a durable aluminum casing to enhance protection. When fully charged, the SlimJet™ can charge smartphones up to five times.

This portable power bank battery comes with a series of advantages. It allows people to charge their devices at a rapid speed. It¹s convenient for those with limited time to charge their devices since they can now easily charge them on the go. Lastly, the two USB output ports makes the charging process very user friendly since it can be used to power up multiple devices at once.

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