Building An IPad Survival Kit

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Elite Tech Gear™ and Kevin M. Clark, Founder and CEO, are pleased to remind iPad owners that there are several things which must be provided in order to protect delicate iPad touch screens from every day wear and tear. To avoid scratching and abrading the surface of these devises, building an iPad survival kit is recommended. One of the tasks which is crucial is to protect tablets with cleaning cloth tablet styles like the ones available at Elite Tech Gear™.

Kevin Clark, CEO, spoke to an interviewer recently, “Removing smudges, skin oils and lint from the surface of the tablet is easy when you use the microfiber cloths. The technology used to create the fibers is the most advanced available today. The cloths come in various sizes and counts to fit every need. The bundles can be found through the website at”

“There are several bundle sizes available” he continues. “You can purchase a four-pack, six-pack, thirteen-pack or thirty-pack. The original size measures six inches by seven inches and the over-sized cloth is a convenient, one-foot on a side. Regardless of the delicate surface that needs to be cleaned, these cloths are perfect for the job.”


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