Choosing A Quality Insulated Lunch Cooler

Packing food for work, a trip or special outing is far more economical and convenient than eating out at restaurants or fast food locations. Choosing a vessel in which to transport it is an important decision because it will be what keeps everything fresh and stays at a nice temperature. Finding an insulated lunch cooler that fits one’s needs is a matter of finding the most desirable features.

Elite Tech Gear® makes a product that is durable, versatile and comes as a set with two separate sizes. Both are rectangular in shape with tops that zip completely on three sides for easy access to the items stored inside. The larger of the duo is capable of holding up to six soft drink cans, while the smaller is the perfect area to hold a sandwich and a soda side by side.

The soft construction has several advantages to it. It contributes to the lightweight design which makes it easy to carry even when fully loaded which is perfect for both adults and children. The flexibility of this construction is also the reason that the boxes can be folded down quite compact for storage in a drawer without damaging the integrity of the insulation.

Care of this product is super easy as the compact folding means it takes up less space when it is not being used. If anything gets spilled inside the compartment, it is a simple matter of washing it out by hand with a warm, soapy cloth. While the inside is moisture resistant, the stitching on the trim renders it not 100% water proof so it is not recommended for total submersion.

The insulation used in the construction is top of the line, premium quality. What it does that most other brands can not is insure that food that goes in cold, stays that way and that anything packed warm, with remain so until ready to eat. This is where the two bags come in handy so that the separate temperatures may be placed in individual containers.

Construction quality is extremely high, using only the finest materials fit to support the purpose for which they are intended. It meets all requirements put in place by the FDA for materials that come into contact with food. The lining is not only tough and durable, it has antimicrobial properties that make it resistant to mold, mildew and odor.

One of the many advantages to the soft construction of these products is that they are not limited to being used strictly for the transportation of food. The cushioning inside is padded enough that the bags could actually be utilized to store and carry sensitive and delicate items like camera equipment. The durability of the stitching and the handle design are able to bear the weight easily.

Company standards with Elite Tech Gear® are the industry’s best, exceeding requirements and expectations. Confidence in the product is so solid that the bags come with a 100% lifetime guarantee on construction and satisfaction. The customer service for the brand is unmatched by any of their competitors.

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