Elite Kitchen Gear™ Comes Out With Self-Stirring Camera Lens Mug

Elite Kitchen Gear™, a company dedicated to researching, developing and delivering the highest quality home and kitchen accessories, announced today the launch of their new Self Stirring Camera Lens Travel Coffee Mug.

The Self-Stirring Camera Mug is a model replica of a Canon EF 24-105 mm Camera Lens. The inside is cased with stainless steel aluminum, which makes it useful for all types of drinks. The self stirring feature is one of its kind allowing you to mix your favorite beverages such as; sport drinks, coffee, hot coco, energy or vitamin C mixes, and many other beverages. Cased in smart food grade black and white plastic and locking lid ensures drinks will stay fresh throughout the day.

Being a model replica of one of the most popular used lenses this is a great gift for all camera enthusiasts.

The mug is not dishwasher safe and must be washed by hand, the self stirring feature makes cleaning a breeze. Batteries are included with this product when you order it from Amazon.com.

“At the core of Elite Kitchen Gear™, we put customer satisfaction first. Which means we are constantly looking on ways to innovate and improve industry-leading products to ensure we offer maximum performance and value to our customers,” said Kevin Clark, CEO of Elite Kitchen Gear™.

Joining the company of Elite Tech Gear™ this self-stirring camera lens comes with the highest warranty protection on the market. Elite Kitchen Gear™ joins Elite Tech Gear’s™ high selling positively charged microfiber cleaning cloths product bundles and new 4 Port USB Smart USB Hub Cell Phone and Tablet Charger.

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