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Elite Tech Gear® Offers Eyeglass Cleaning Cloth With Microfiber Technology

Elite Tech Gear® Offers Eyeglass Cleaning Cloth With Microfiber Technology

Elite Tech Gear™ and Kevin M. Clark, founder, are pleased to announce that they offer a safe and effective eyeglass cleaning cloth for sensitive eyeglass lenses.

A growing number of products with delicate surfaces are coming on the market. Keeping items such as eyeglasses clean and free of smudges, dirt and grease is important for visibility and for appearance.

According to owner Kevin M. Clark, speaking in an interview recently, “Our Microfiber cleaning cloths will help to keep your eyeglasses crystal clean and clear. Use of the cloths helps to avoid scratches during the cleaning process. The cloths protect the investment in corrective eye wear through years of cleaning and polishing the lenses.”

He continues, “I am completely dedicated to developing and delivering the highest quality breakthrough electronic accessories technology products on the market. My guiding principle is that our business is devoted to delight customers. We focus on the satisfaction of customers more than on money.”

The product is sold through and comes in a variety of product bundles including a 6-Pack, 13-pack and a 30-Pack of cloths. The 6-Pack product bundle includes five original size black cloths and one light blue over-sized cloth. There is also a 4-pack of oversized cloths that are are easy and convenient to take with you on the go. The Ultra Fine Microfiber fabric won’t scratch the delicate surfaces of your sunglasses.

It doesn’t leave streaks or marks while removing spots, grease and oil or environmental issues from the surface. Eyeglasses represent a significant investment for most people. The act of cleaning the lens doesn’t affect the integrity of the surface when the right cleaning cloth is utilized.

About Elite Tech Gear™

Elite Tech Gear™ is a leading electronics accessories company dedicated to providing innovative premium quality reliable products (Microfiber Cleaning Cloths) to customers. Founded by Kevin M. Clark (past regional winner of the prestigious “Entrepreneur Of The Year” Award sponsored by Ernst & Young), Elite Tech Gear™ is built entirely upon the guiding principle of 100% complete customer satisfaction backed by their 90 Day No Hassle, No Questions Asked, Money Back Guarantee.

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