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Photography Buffs Choose Oversized Microfiber Cloths

Photography Buffs Choose Oversized Microfiber Cloths

Elite Tech Gear and Kevin M. Clark, CEO, are pleased to announce that both amateur and professional are increasingly choosing oversized multi-purpose cleaning cloths made of microfiber. The oversized cloths are available in various bundle counts and sizes but the bottom line is that when it comes to taking care of sensitive camera lenses, digital devices or other photographic equipment, microfiber cleaning cloths are safe and effective.

Elite Tech Gear offers several product bundles, including a 6-Pack of 5 Original size cloths 6 inches x 7 inches and one Oversized cloth 12 inches x 12 inches, or the 13-pack of 12 Original and 1 Oversize. A larger count bundle is the 30-Pack of 29 Original and 1 Oversized cloths

Speaking to an interviewer recently, Kevin Clark explained, “A bundle that photography buffs including both the novice and the professional really value is our 4-Pack of all Oversized cloths who use them to help clean their lenses, optics and delicate surfaces. The Oversized cloths are individually packaged and are easy to hold and use for all your devices including cleaning monitors of all kinds, eyeglasses, electronic device screens as well as all the equipment found in a photographer’s kit.”

“Any device with a touch screen can be cleaned using one of the cloths” he continues. “When you touch the surface of the screen, a small amount of skin oil remains on the touchscreen. In turn, the oil attracts lint, bacteria, and dirt. Eventually, the layer of unwanted dirt affects the proper operation of the device. Our cloths remove the dirt, smears and smudges without damaging the surface.”

These cloths are suitable for home, classroom, offices, schools, universities, and businesses of all kinds to maintain their variety of screens and delicate surfaces. You can learn about the details and various bundle sizes and dimensions at the Elite Tech Gear™ website.

Elite Tech Gear™ is a leading electronics accessories company dedicated to providing innovative premium quality reliable products to customers. Founded by Kevin M. Clark (past regional winner of the prestigious “Entrepreneur Of The Year” Award sponsored by Ernst & Young), Elite Tech Gear™ is built entirely upon the guiding principle of 100% complete customer satisfaction backed by their 90 Day No Hassle, No Questions Asked, Money Back Guarantee

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